Fabulous Fall Birthdays

Earlier this month a UK columnist chimed in with “11 reasons October birthdays are the best.

She had some I agree with:

  1. “Everyone can celebrate with you.” You’re in school with your friends. Weddings that conflict aren’t as common. The holidays haven’t made budgets tight.
  2. “You will look fabulous. Everyone knows that the autumn wardrobe is the best wardrobe.” I always wondered if I thought this way just because it was my birthday season…but at least I’m not alone.
  3. She’s also keen on the connection to Halloween for the chance to wear costumes. I’ll agree that is great for kiddos.

Then her no. 11 is “beautiful scenery for a beautiful birthday.” Have to agree there. It’s a lovely time of year to get away and see some fall foliage. Check out this Budget Travel slideshow of beautiful fall colors if you don’t agree.

October Awesome Birthday

Photo credit: Puzzler4879 / Foter / CC BY-NC

Now, I’m not sold on the rest of her points. Sharing a birthday with Simon Cowell and other stars, the “beautiful birthstone,” and several UK-specific reasons don’t really “wow” me. Nevertheless, I’d add:

  • A fall birthday means you can comfortably enjoy a fire outside. I’ve enjoyed Smores at the family fire pit on weeknight birthdays.
  • Candy. There’s a lot of candy around with Halloween on tap for the end of the month.
  • It’s cool enough for a hot chai or a hot chocolate outside in the fresh air without feeling as if you are going to sweat off 16 pounds (although that may not be the worst thing if you’ve indulged too much already in the aforementioned candy).

Obviously I’m biased to October birthdays. What are the reasons your birthday month is the best?


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