No birthday is stupid

Really, I’m not trying to pick on bloggers, but they recently posted another birthday-themed blog, saying half birthdays are stupid.

Half Birthday banner

Photo credit: shinyai / Foter / CC BY-NC

One of my best friends from college had an Aug 14 birthday and her mom also celebrated her half birthday. Decades later I’m still sending her half birthday cards because half birthdays are one more opportunity to celebrate and share the love. (All friends now feeling slighted that they’ve never received a half birthday card, please private message me and I will try to remedy this wrong).

Half birthday festivities are an overall good idea for people who celebrate summer birthdays. Such as my son’s awesome teacher assistant. All the kids love her, so they’re excited to make cards for her at her half birthday during the school year since they won’t see her on her actual birthday. How is this stupid?

When my son was six months my husband I hosted a half birthday super salad party for friends at our house. Would I have gone to the trouble of hosting a party if I wasn’t a crazy birthday freak? Likely no. But we all had fun, and I have a happy memory of that party. No one had to come, and we were adamant against gifts. So, what’s stupid about that?

It’s challenging enough to find opportunities to come together and celebrate and be happy. Do we need to label someone’s event as stupid? Maybe a 3/4 ounce weight gain party for a cockatoo would seem extreme. Yet if your friend wants to celebrate, and you love them, isn’t this reason enough to make an effort to be there for them? Tell me below what you think!


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