Birthday Monster

MTV published a list recently of nine birthday behaviors that make you a monster. Apparently now “birthdayzillas” is a thing.


Here are the nine no-no’s:

  1. Not calling your parents (or answering their call)
  2. Caring too much about who does and doesn’t come to your party
  3. Not saying thank you
  4. Turning your birthday into a multi-day celebration
  5. Repeating that it’s your birthday over and over again
  6. Wearing accessories meant for royalty
  7. Drinking too much
  8. Expecting presents
  9. Thinking no one else can have the same birthday

I’m going to say it again: BOOOOOOOOOO

Birthday Crown

Photo credit: Francine Clouden / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Certainly I agree with the premise of a birthday not being a day on which you can forget your manners and lord it over others in an awful way. But I’ve done too many of the things on this list in my lifetime (and, yes, I’m admitting that this will even have been after I became an adult) to accept they’re all full monster behavior.

Some we can’t control. Or, in the case of #7, realize only the morning after that we should have better controlled…

But what if we get a tiara as a present (#6)? That would make it rude not to wear it (see #3). Or maybe our birthday is spreading out over several days because one group of friends wants to take us for dinner and then a friend from work wants to get together the next day and then a gift arrives late and, before you know it, it’s been a birthday week.

Let’s not go around making a list of NO’s connected to the birthday. There are so many NO’s already every other day of the year. Your birthday is a day of YES! That’s one big reason it’s so great.


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