Sayonara Birthday Clowns


Back in my day the most exciting thing that might happen at a birthday party was to have a clown or magician provide entertainment. Getting to dress up in costume was pretty awesome, too. As was my first and only visit to Chuck e. Cheese’s (until I became a parent).

Today, though, I’ve been to parties where backyards are transformed into a bouncy castle playground or set up with multiple inflatable water slides. And we’re not even talking about the extravagant kinds of part they throw on reality television. Or the great fun you can have throwing an Amazing Race or Survivor-themed birthday party.

But when it comes to entertainment there are also clever new options. A friend of my son’s went to a party where they got to play videogames in a truck – I love this idea for entertaining pre-teen boys and bringing the party to me without messing up my house (which would be so pristine otherwise!).

My new favorite though is the Storm Trooper DJ (seen below) who could judge a lightsaber dance competition. With the new Star Wars movie coming out this Christmas, I think this will be right up the alley of my February birthday boy come 2016.


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