I Envy a Complete Birthday Calendar

So, you say it’s your birthday? Expect your Facebook to blow up with pithy birthday greetings, and a few emoji birthday cakes, pints of beer, or martini glasses as text messages. That’s all many people do these days to share in a friend’s happy day.

Not Jeremy Epstein. He likes “the personal touch” and estimates calling four people every day, all 365 days a year! That’s about 1,800 people. “I think people appreciate when you take the time to reach out,” he told The Huffington Post.

I love this idea. Originally I was terribly jealous of his complete birthday calendar. I try to send birthday cards as my personal touch. I’m a writer, so my preferring to pen something is not surprising. Yet I have yet to fill a calendar with 365 family and friends to send cards to each day.

Photo credit: smswigart / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: smswigart / Foter / CC BY

Epstein’s numbers made me insecure for a moment: Am I not old enough? Cool enough? Don’t people like me enough to tell me their birthdays?

However, he is not really the most popular guy on the planet. Keep in mind he’s a marketing professional who also calls business associates as well as friends and family.

My envy tamed I can now return to happily crediting this man’s kind efforts to reach out to everyone he knows on their birthday.

Want @BirthdaysBest to tweet about your birthday? Tell me the date, and I’ll add you to my calendar!


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