It’s my special day — mine and some 20M others.

We’re always talking about a birthday as someone’s special day. Well, while it may be your special day, you’re likely sharing it with about 20 million other people around the world.

Wolfgang Fengler at the Brookings Institute divided the world’s approximate population by 365 days (he doesn’t appear to account for leap year babies) and came up with 20 million. Better yet, he did the math and determined that with an average life expectancy of 72 years some 285,000 people share your actual date of birth. He drills down (as social scientists like to do) and determines you’re at about 200 people who were likely born at the same moment you were.

Me, I didn’t want to get up early even when I was first introduced to the world. But sharing that moment with others around the world, considering time zones, there were some early risers and night owls among us.

Fengler also lets us look at regional demographic shifts around the globe and tells us where in the world our birthday buddies will be at various given times. It’s really cool and almost makes me think I should have stuck out that stats class ages ago. Only almost. I’m better off reading the social scientists’ results, I’m sure.

In the meantime, check out this National Geographic photo gallery capturing our population explosion.


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