Data, Schmata. Where’s my cake?

I have discovered that my 42 birthday candles this year will produce 42 BTUs or 10,584 calories of heat. Paul Sadowski’s Birthday Calculator then tells me I “can boil 4.80 US ounces of water with that many candles.” Since I can be sure to be enjoying a Chai Latte on my birthday, I can predict right now it will not be heated using my birthday candles. I’m more of a 16-ounce chai drinker. Plus, it’s my birthday. Why am I trying to boil water over candles?

Let’s just eat the cake!


The calculator, though, has a lot of neat details. I learned my ruling planet (Venus), celebrities who share my birthday (Elizabeth Shue!), and that I was born on a Friday to be a rat according to the Chinese Zodiac. That and Marigold is my birth flower.

Courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of

Oh, and the top songs of that year included one I’ve always liked when performed by the Holly Cole Trio. But, while looking for that video, I found a cool one by a performer that leaves me amazed every time. Enjoy Bobby McFerrin using only his voice and body, plus his audience, to perform the song.



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