Sexing Up Birthdays

I have nothing against Katy Perry. Really. Every time I hear her song “Firework” I have happy memories of roller skating with a dear near-niece and participating in a flash mob.

As a birthday enthusiast I was thrilled to hear a new birthday song on the radio. Making it like my birthday every day? Sign me up!

The lyrics video is clever, too.


There’s a nod in the song to the breathless Marilyn Monroe wishing a Happy Birthday to JFK.  That’s the kind of sensuality I can appreciate.  But, seeing how she incorporates the song into her live concerts just makes me feel like a prude.  There’s bumping and grinding around stripper pole-like birthday candles.  Plus, she strips down from a raincoat into a bedazzled bodysuit and invites an audience member onstage to cozy up to.  This takes girl jumping out of birthday cake to a whole new level.

I’d rather a rousing birthday song like this one from the Beatles that gets up every one up and happy (and I mean up & dancing, not the kind of “up” Perry’s going for in concert).

Bring on more of these!


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