Happy Me-being-nice-to-me Day!

I had an epiphany recently when a friend told me she’d made the argument to her daughter’s father that “birthdays are for kids.” She was certain I’d disagree. Of course I do. But I kept thinking about why.

Am I just a crazy attention-hog to enjoy my birthday so much? Perhaps, yes. But I had another realization. My birthday, now that I am older, has become a day for me to be nice to me.

  • I take the day off work. Always.
  • I treat myself to a pedicure or a massage. Often.
  • I go see a movie I want to see, on my own.
  • I eat out by myself while my family is at work and school. Then I let them take me out to dinner.
  • I go to the gym if I feel like it. Or I sleep in. It’s up to me! No guilt.
  • I buy a chai and don’t feel badly about spending the $ although I could make one at home.
Birthday chai

Photo credit: bearepresa / Foter / CC BY

I don’t expect lots of presents, or a party, or everyone singing to me (that’s the kid part), but I thrive on the excuse to put me first for a few days. 

As a Mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a writer, a freelancer, a dog owner…and all the other roles I play, I can’t always put my own desires at the top of the list. But when my birthday comes along I focus on what will make me happiest.

Instead of thinking of birthdays as being just for kids, I’ve realized it’s time I treat myself like it’s my birthday more days out of the year!