8 Birthday Essentials for Every 80’s Kid

If you were a kid celebrating your birthday in the 1980s, there were certain things that made the party truly rad. As a flashback, I offer these suggestions from my own memories of birthday parties back in the day.


Going to Chuck E. Cheese. I never got to go otherwise, so I was super excited when someone had a party there. Thanks Todd A. for inviting me as the only girl to your Chuck E. Cheese party!


Renting a movie from the movie store. I remember a girl’s sleepover when we watched DC Cab with Mr. T. Why did I think that was a good idea? And, watching the trailer now, I wonder why I was allowed a rated R movie?


Neon glasses, wristbands, hairbands…just about anything for neon for a parting gift.

Still available from Oriental Trading by the way.

Still available from Oriental Trading by the way.


Dancing to Madonna, Duran Duran and Culture Club — all at the same party!

80s birthday search-1 search





Playing Donkey Kong or Ms. PacMan on your friend’s new Nintendo all night at a sleepover.


Giving or receiving the new U2 album.


Playing that new game out where you had to remember all kinds of trivial details about sports and history and arts & entertainment and stuff like that?

80's birthday

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


Dressing up as a member of the G-Force for a costume party. My mother made my costume. This was back in the days before VCRs remember. So she had to run to the TV at the same time every day to see the girl in the opening credits. After all, she didn’t get much screen time in the show. Of course, by the way, her name is Princess.

What else would have made a typically 80s experience at a birthday party back in that decade? Please share in the comments. I’m all for nostalgia.

This post is inspired by a fun (if excessively titled) blog on Buzzfeed recently: 12 Thoughts Every 90s Kid Had on Their Birthday Because Our Childhood Celebrations Were Epic.




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