Social share your birthday

What do you make of a social media site devoted to bringing people together that share a birthday? Like a LinkedIn for birthday enthusiasts, the idea is to join the community, share your birth date, and network with those who share a birthday within a week or two of your own special day.

We already know, that’s a lot of people. In a previous post, I shared the stat that approximately 20 million people share the same birthday worldwide.

Founded by Kanayo Okwuraiwe, a Nigerian based in South Africa, officially launched in September 3, 2015 to help people connect, jointly celebrate, and create lifelong friendships with people with whom they have this unique connection. The site does offer the opportunity also to crowdfund your birthday project, which is a smart nod to people using their birthdays to make a donation or help out a cause.

Birthday calendar

Photo credit: Kelly Hunter via / CC BY


There’s a similar idea at work behind The site encourages users to “celebrate life by making change in your life or someone else’s by setting up crowdfunding campaigns through them.

There is no doubt, social networking is changing the ways in which celebrate birthdays in so many ways. My previous posts on this theme have addressed:

There’s also the Birthdaybox app, which enables friends and family to collaborate on a birthday video sent to the special someone on their birthday by the site.

Or the competitor, Doppels, which “claims to be the world’s first birthday discovery engine and social app.” It notes, “Our mission is to spark movement where your birthday allows you to connect more authentically to the world around you, find people sharing your birthday, discover those celebrating their birthday on any given day, and make new connections.”

Do you know of other sites and apps capitalizing on our love of celebrating birthdays? Please let me know!


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