Hey Shorty! It’s Your Birthday.

Birthday height

Ok, I do love the Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday song. Of course, I do. It’s a birthday song!

Yet a recent study in Britain also reveals that your birthday has an impact on whether or not you really will be a shorty or not.

October babies (me again) are on the lower quarter in terms of expected height! December’s babies are the real midgets on the chart drawn by the Telegraph’s infographic team.

A UK study examined the growth and development of 450,000 men and women to find:

  • Children born in June, July, and August were heavier at birth and taller as adults.
  • Summer babies were 10% less likely to be short — under 5 foot 9 inches for men and 5 foot 3 inches for women.
  • Girls born in the summer started puberty later.
  • Individuals born in autumn vs. summer were more likely to continue in education post age 16 years or attain a degree-level qualification.

The authors suggested the results were related to how much sunlight the mother gets during pregnancy, since that in part determines in utero vitamin D exposure.

Oh, and the Telegraph had another article along this lines, reporting on a study of 400 people that said “babies born in the summer are much more likely to suffer from mood swings when they grow up while those born in the winter are less likely to become irritable adults.”

I guess these are more things we can blame on our parents. That is if we’re willing to even consider the fact that our birth month reflects a certain effort on their part nine months earlier.


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