Bonne fête to me and my blog!

Birthday Blog

Photo credit: GotCredit / Foter / CC BY

Yes, it is a year since I launched this blog…which completely and uncoincidentally I started on my own birthday. Yes, I too am another year older, but you’ll have to go back to the first blog and do the math to know how old I am today.

Since this is my birthday blog, I can write whatever I want to. Because you can tell that I’ve been feeling inhibited other days!

First, thank you to all those who have followed this blog. It is terribly rewarding to see other people share my interest in this special day.

OK, followers, I thanked you. Can you comment more in the coming year? I’m often asking questions and inviting you to share your experience but it’s like my virtual hand is up there for a high five and you’re leaving me hanging. Not cool.

Second, follow me on twitter too. You’ll get scrumptious recipe ideas #yummybday and keep up with famous folks who share your birthday via #bdaywishes. Intrigued? There’s a link letting you connect to me on twitter just over here <—.

Still, the best birthday present you could give me is responding and offering feedback, so I can make this blog better. Here’s a few possible questions you might answer for me since I’m being such a birthday diva and making demands:

  • What’s something you have always wondered about birthdays?
  • What’s the worst or best birthday present you have received or given?
  • What is the best or worst thing about birthdays in your mind?
  • What year was your favorite birthday age (and why)?
  • What else do you want me to write or do to make this a better blog (other than dancing or playing volleyball — I am not talented at either).

Answer one of these questions. Answer all of them. Write something else in the comment box below. It’s my birthday request of you.


4 thoughts on “Bonne fête to me and my blog!

  1. Maggi says:

    worst birthday = having a december birthday and getting a “here is your birthday/christmas present” …………. so not fair!


  2. Happy birthday! Here’s a comment! As you know, I, too, just celebrated a birthday. I am also obsessed with birthdays! Everywhere I work, I end up being the one sending out personalized birthday emails on everyone’s special day. I get sad when my coworkers ask me to skip them and make no mention of it.

    Fun fact, when I was little and my parents threw my birthday parties, I always had to go last when it came for taking turns or getting a piece of cake. Mom said it was a lesson in grace. I appreciate it now, but I’m pretty sure I was a total brat about it at the time.


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