Gods Have Birthdays Too.

I am reading this fascinating book about celebrity culture and Hollywood called Gods Like Us: On Movie Stardom and Modern Fame. I’ve enjoyed reading about the history of our attentiveness (obsessiveness, really) with Hollywood stars. Perhaps this is why Nicole Kidman’s thoughts on her birthday really jumped out at me.

She turned 48 on June 20. Before that she was quoted by Tribute News saying, “I don’t really celebrate a big birthday thing. I always say I get enough attention so I don’t need any more. I just like to have my family really close and snuggle.”

Perhaps the constant presence of paparazzo (a negative I don’t envy) and being able to dress up swank and be feted on red carpets (that one I do) would make a birthday seem a little less special. Quiet time alone and with family would be a treat. Burr’s book talks about star stalking and even gives examples of people literally ripping the clothes off celebrities (such as Mary Pickford or Charlie Chaplin).

Still, it doesn’t seem that every celebrity is on the same page as Kidman. She said she was planning to spend her day backstage at hubby Keith Urban’s concert and maybe go out to dinner with him afterwards. Then there’s those that take all that money they’re making and have a massive event.

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The Richest reports a Top 10 of the craziest bashes with Justin Beiber spending $20K on a circus-themed event for him and 20 friends or Perez Hilton having a Madonna-themed party he showed up to in drag, dressed in a cone bra and corset with a blonde wig. It all makes Nicole Kidman seem more like a normal person, right?

Check out celebrity birthday bash pics at E Online!


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