Cake, ice cream, and noodles!

What’s your favorite birthday food? Here in North America we generally think of birthdays as a time to eat cake and ice cream.

North American kids will likely expect pizza too, if they’re at a party. It never ceases to amaze me how kids will cry out, “this is the best pizza ever!” over a slice of that cardboard thin crappy pizza provided by the roller rink, arcade plaza, or trampoline park.

But other cultures mark this special day with different fare. For instance, in China someone might nosh (if the Chinese do in fact nosh) on noodles. They’re known as longevity or long life noodles and are also enjoyed on New Year’s. Take out the water chestnuts and this looks like a yummy recipe to try.


One of my great friends always wanted to celebrate her birthday in an Ethiopian restaurant. Yet I’ve only just learned that Ghanians start their birthday with oto. A SkinnyGourmet blogger shared learning to make this mashed yam and onion dish and also explained why brides traditionally eat this on their wedding day, too.

I’ve blogged about Australian’s fairy bread in the past. Apparently Russians prefer pie while those in India will serve payesh (a sweet rice pudding)!

As long as it’s yummy, I’m pretty sure we’ll all get along just fine at a birthday feast.


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