Pick a Day. Any Day for your Bday.

Photo credit: donnierayjones / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: donnierayjones / Foter / CC BY

My baby was due to be born Feb. 10. Although I liked that this would coincide with Family Day in my native Canada, I’d heard first babies often come late. So, I worried my son would be born Feb. 14! Awful. He’d always have to share his special day with Valentine’s Day pressures. Fortunately, my son was born Feb. 9 (a day without conflicts).

I thought of my concern recently when I read about twin brothers born 24 days apart. How fortunate! They each get their own special day. Normally the best you could hope for was a few minutes difference on either side of midnight. These “delayed interval deliveries” are very rare, a doctor quoted in the story said.

This made me wonder what other days people might want to avoid as far as birthdays. I know my husband isn’t a huge fan of his Dec. 30 birthday — both Christmas and New Year’s Eve can get in the way. Another friend is a Christmas baby, and I’ve written before about Robert Louis Stevenson giving up his birthday to a girl who bemoaned her Christmas birthday fate. On the other hand, my BFF elected to have her son on a leap year.

So, what do you think: Is there a birthday date you would have preferred or think should be avoided?

You’re going to be sharing it with about 20 million others, but I’d still like to know what you think.


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