Don’t judge by the wrapping

I pride myself on thoughtful gifts. I like to pay attention throughout the year and note things family and friends say they like or want. Then, when the time comes, I can surprise them with something they may have forgotten they wanted. Having heard an abbreviated summary of The 5 Love Languages, I feel secure in my self assessment as a giver.

However, facing the mound of presents I’ve been saving to give for Christmas, I’m reminded how much I dislike wrapping presents. Wrapping gifts neatly is something I don’t take the time to do. My BFF is an amazing gift wrapper who uses pretty papers, nice crisp edges, lovely bows and gift cards. (One reason she’s my BFF is that she forgives my horrible wrappings). My presents look bad enough that my almost-niece, my BFF’s daughter, commented on one of my paper-terrorized-by-tape debacles in that way that children have of pointing out the obvious.

I don’t remember exactly what she said, only that I was mortified.

Now, I could promise to take care with future present wrapping. Awareness is half the battle. But I’m not making promises I can’t keep. I will instead offer great ideas for wrapping presents that my more patient readers can enjoy (and I can envy).

Real Simple is supposed to make life easier, but they’re just raising the bar. “Creative accents?” Who has time for those! OK, if you do, they have some great ideas in this slideshow.

On Pinterest people go to town gift wrapping. Here’s one collection of pins.

Buzzfeed has 23 cool tricks. Maybe my origami-obsessed son can handle making the paper bows.

In the meantime, happy giving. Let me know below in the comments if you have other cool gift wrapping strategies to share!


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