A good gift to give

Birthday party for couple believed to be world’s oldest. Pic courtesy of Yorkshire Post

Reading about the world’s oldest couple – he’s 109 and she’s 102 – celebrating their birthdays together, I noticed the proud son’s comment about the joy of the whole family coming together to join in the fun.

This on the same day a friend told me she’s looking for a divorce lawyer. In wondering how the child of the relationship would adapt to the situation, I became curious what advice is available to help divorced parents navigate the challenges of celebrating their child’s birthday.

For children birthdays are all about fun and happiness and being the center of attention. I host a birthday blog, so of course I think this should be true for adults too.

Divorce Help for Parents reminds parents to focus on the child. Other tips are to: act like an adult, create opportunities for the child to celebrate with both parents (not necessarily together) and to include extended family. The advice that stands out to me? “Parents, you have it within your power to control your conflict with the other parent. Please, use it.” Well said.

Amy Ardnt, writing on Huffington Post, says “the best gift divorced parents can give their kids” is putting the kid first and making time spent together pleasant.

On WomansDivorce.com Heidi Woodard shares the efforts she and her ex-husband made to give their son a happy birthday party. The reward? Her son’s comment “I have the coolest parents in the world because you both work together to make me happy.”

Not all of us are going to make it to our 100s. Not all of us are going to make it as a couple. But, we can all make a decided effort to make a child’s birthday the best day it can be.


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